City of Coetus
City of Coetus

Population: 2,000,000

At what is believed to be the centre of Novopan stands the city of Coetus on the bay of Toleran. With it’s large port side the city stretches North East towards Mount Gloria, home of the largest mine in Novopan. The large boulevard of Coetus runs 150km uninterrupted from The Ports to Mount Gloria. Although not as grand as it is within the city limits the boulevard becomes on of the largest and most active trade routes, rarely having any empty stretches of road.  Coetus is bordered by large sturdy walls, 100 feet high, that were built over thousands of Annum through a combination of magic and masonry. Created as a way to keep all beasts out.

Many large trade routes spread out from Coetus as it’s believed to be the only city in the land. The rest of Novopan is filled with farming communities and small villages. All surviving on trade with each other or the City.

The city is separated into 5 areas, each run by it’s own guild. There is no singly power in Coetus. The city is run remarkably well and operates smoothly. The only real tension in the city is between The Guild of Bankers and The Guild of Mages. This tension is kept at minimal because all banks and large transactions of gold and silver happen in the area run by the Bankers. Filled with many fields of anti-magic.