Part 3: Scorched Elves and Demon Boars

  • It’s early afternoon on Sopitan 6 and we are close to the small farming town of Charlotte
  • Haragoo races Hawk to Charlotte and wins and brags
  • two men, Penek and Jokel, are standing guard at the entrance to Charlotte talking about scorched elves and demon boars and not wanting to let us in
  • Ashleigh, their sister, scolds her brothers and welcomes us to town. She tells us to look for Garrus at the Cow and Bull pub
  • Tommy, the bartender at the Cow and Bull tells us to look for Garrus either at Clara’s, at the store across from the pub, or at his brother’s farmstead in the NW part of town.
  • Clara is Garrus’ girfriend but she hasn’t seen him for many days. She confirms that we should look for Garrus at his brother’s farm
  • Sara is Sedonus’ wife and is Garrus’ sister in law. Sedonus tells us that he hasn’t seen Garrus for several days.
  • We tell Sedonus that Garrus been promoted to a higher rank in the Coitus city guard and that we need to find and speak with him about his new post.
  • Sedonus tells us that Garrus headed north to the bandit camp to give them a piece of his mind. Directions to the camp are given to us by Sedonus. We have to head through Pixie Grove, north of Charlotte. He insists that we don’t stray from the path or the pixies will get us real good.
  • Haragoo and I have a drinking contest at the Cow and Bull pub and I win. We wake up early and head out to find Garrus.

Sopitam 7, Early Morning

  • Wake at the Cow and Bull before sunrise, eat breakfast and head out. Pincup leads us to Pixie Grove and we make our way through. We stay on the path until I spot a powerful magic wand that I can’t help but go after. Hawk and Haragoo wrestle me away from trouble. Sprites appear when we successfully exit the grove without straying off the path, 4 hours after entering. They hand us three gifts each.
    1. waterskin of fine wine (2L)
    2. moonstone (very valuable)
    3. pixie dust (5 sprinkles worth, powers of the dust are either flight, sleep, or confusion)

Sopitam 7, Noon

  • We see 16 bandits at their camp, roasting a pig
  • I spot a bandit scout and she tells us to talk to the captain about Garrus but otherwise doesn’t really care that we found their camp
  • We approach the camp and ask for the captain
  • He takes us inside their cave where we can talk privately. He’s embarrassed about his last encounter with the scorched elves and the demon boars and doesn’t want his subordinates to think less of him.
  • His bandits tricked Garrus into coming to their camp so they could capture him for the scorched elves and demon boars. The bandits did what they were told and handed Garrus over 2 days prior, at which time Garrus and his new captors headed West.
  • We thank the captain and decide to try and follow their tracks to the West

Session ended early afternoon on Sopitam 7