The start of the known world of Novopan is marked as Annum 0. It is widely accepted that a world existed before this, largely divided and was brought together by The Great Flaming Sphere.

Novopan is a vast land requiring many days and sometimes whole quarta to travel between places. It is claimed that to venture to any part of Novopan you need nothing but your feet and determination.  Novopan has a single large moon called Lunopan.

Over thousands of annum the mages of Novopan began to believe that creatures must inhabit Lunopan in the sky overhead. A ritual was created to test this theory. On the night of Breves Dies 12000 the mages of Novopan created the largest fire ever seen in the world. So large they hoped it would cast enough light for anyone on Lunopan to see it. Two whole Annum they waited, creating this fire each Breves Dies. On the night of Breves Dies 12002 a light appeared on Lunopan that had never been seen before. The Mages took this as an acknowledgement from Lunopan that they had seen the light from Novopan. To this day that evening is celebrated as the Eve of Ceteri. Although over 400 Annum have passed since that day the people of Novopan and Lunopan have never met and another light has yet to be seen on Lunopan.

Annum of the first Eve of Ceteri: 12002
Current Annum: 12417


First day of the annum is on the the first equinox, the one before Diu Dies, the longest day and after Breves Dies, the shortest day. The annum is split into four: Innovus, Calor, Marceo and Sopitam.


  1. Innovus: Day 1 – 91 – Day 1 is First Equinox
  2. Calor: Day 1 – 91 – Day 1 is Diu Dies
  3. Marceo: Day 1 – 91 – Day 1 is Second Equinox
  4. Sopitam: Day 1 – 91 – Day 1 is Breves Dies



The people of Novopan have access to limited technology. The most advanced being intricate clockwork technology such as the Antikythera used by the Guild of Mages to track and predict celestial events.