The vast majority of people believe in this single religion and the rest believe in The Process of Nature. The followers of Simul believe that in the past, before Novopan, the world was split into many smaller factions of people with many peoples all divided. It’s believed that the Gods of Simul became fed up with the conflicts between all these people, all with arbitrary lines drawn between them of why they were different and superior. The beginning of Novopan is marked with what is known as The Great Flaming Sphere. It is believed to have been sent down by the Gods of Simul. There are no temples or place of worship. Some sculptures have been created to represent The Sphere and the Gods but they are simply art created by people of Simul. There is no worship or expectations in this religion as well as their are no leaders or hierarchy. Simul believers see those as strange and confusing but are not bothered by it.